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Zachary Pate

Zachary Pate






Central Washington University, Ellensburg, Washington                                              January 2011 - June 2015






  Epic Aircraft, Bend, Oregon                                                                                June 2014 – September 2014

    Materials and Process Engineer Intern                                                                                      (Paid Internship)

  • Worked with a six member team of interns to establish a materials testing lab focusing on carbon fiber, fiberglass, and adhesives bonding for the certification of the E1000 airplane

  • Worked with various instruments such as MTS, DMA, DSC, drill press, surface grinder, slow-speed-saw, vertical mill, and lathe to prepare and test specimens flowing ASTM standers

  • Responsibilities included specimen preparation, dimensioning, material testing (SBS, CDP, DCB, Compression, Lap Shear, and Tensile testing) data reduction, implementing new test plans, writing technical documents, laying up panels, specimen fixture development, machining, and welding

  • Demonstrated the ability to learn quickly all aspects of testing process and to effectively execute them.

  • Individual projects included redesign of lap shear press, implementing hardness tester and DCB fixture and test plan into the testing process

  • Skills learned were layup, surface prep, secondary bonding, composite bonding fracture analysis, determining failure modes, and parameters for acceptable or unacceptable failure modes (adhesive/cohesive/interlaminer)


  Danici Electric, Breckenridge, Colorado                                                                    July 2007 – September 2013

    Apprentice Electrician                                                                                                                            (Seasonal)

  • Lead apprentice on both residential and commercial electrical projects to execute wiring, install breaker boxes and light fixtures

  • Executed all phases of electrical project from rough to finishing work

  • Demonstrated ability to learn quickly and effectively under journeymen and master electricians.

  • Supervised and trained four new apprentices to further scale quality work


  United Youth Camps, Tillamook, Oregon                                                                                July 2012, July 2013

    Activity Staff, Waterskiing

  • Assisted teaching 100+ youth ages 11-19 how to water ski and wake board

  • Lead safety monitoring for all youth and staff at waterskiing location with zero injuries

  • Communicating effectively with staff and campers.

  • Experience explaining waterskiing and wakeboarding techniques to campers while keeping them calm.


The Dispatch, Eatonville, Washington                                                                 September 2007 – June 2009

  Sports Writer

  • Self-managed writing of weekly articles concerning community sporting affairs, including High School performance of men’s tennis and track

  • Met time sensitive deadlines





  • Solid Works -Certified Associate, Mastercam, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and AutoCAD, Pantran


  • Vertical mill, lathy, 3 axis CNC mil, drill press, plasma table,


Professional Society

  American society of mechanical engineers, Ellensburg, Washington                              January 2011 – Present

    Officer, Vice President (2014-2015)

  • Collaborated with other club officers to plan agenda and activities for club meetings

  • 2014 Student Professional Development Conference (SPDC) poster competition competitor describing Is Hydropower Worth It?

  • Club Treasurer from 2011-2014, managed, monitored and communicated club finances and spending

  • Executed planning and financing of the 2012 Student Professional Development Conference at CWU


  Society of manufacturing engineers, Ellensburg, Washington                                        January 2014 – Present

     Member, CWU Chapter Member (2014-2015)

  • Participating in weekly club meetings.

  • Attends club field trips.

  • Attended district conference on how SME can sever members.



  • Brock Strunk                             –        (541) 531 – 9552

  • Dave Goethals                              –        (253) 862 – 5565

  • David Novak                                   –        (970) 390 – 1173

  • Keith Tomes                                     –        (559) 631 – 5871

  • Mike Shide                                         –        (626) 840 – 0450

  • Rex Sexton                                        –        (360) 798 – 2921


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